On a personal level, Dr. Beaty is kind, patient, and wise. As an added bonus she has a nice sense of humor and a beautiful botanical oasis surrounding her office!
In short, Dr. Beaty is more than just a healer or a health provider, she is a true ‘hope provider!’

— Tony S.

For My New Patients:  Please Read & Review


Appointments in my practice may be quite different from what you are accustomed to so let me manage your expectations.

In the Initial Appointment - I Listen to You.  I Hear your Story.  I Value your Observations.

What will be in your Initial Appointment:
A r
eview of your concerns, your history, previous test results & treatments, your lifestyle & a starting point to begin your journey to a fully functioning human being.  Suggestions might be made for beginning diet or exercise or supplement changes.  Perhaps some tests will be ordered.  Sometimes a referral is discussed. It might be to a dermatologist or a nurse practitioner or a physical therapist.  I will do any relevant physical exam.

What won't be in your Initial Appointment:
Promises of magic bullets with no side effects to take away your troubles & prescriptions instantly.  Working with a Naturopathic Doctor requires your participation in changing your life.  It takes time & it takes effort. 

In the 1st Follow Up Appointment
We review any new information or insight we have in  your progress.
In addition, we review new test results and make changes and adjustments to the initial plan. This usually takes place 1 to 4 weeks later.

In the 2nd Follow Up Appointment
We discuss how Phase 1 is working & what (if anything) we need to adjust or add to optimize your results. This is generally 3 to 4 weeks later. 

Maintenance Appointments 
Our focus shifts to  any other aspects of your health that need attention.  It can take on a counseling or coaching flavor.  I'm rooting for your success and helping to solve practical problems along the way.  Anything from getting enough sleep to a nasty sinus infection. These usually take place anywhere from once a month to twice a year.