"I have been a patient of Dr. Janet Beaty for more than 20 years. I feel so incredibly lucky and so very privileged to have found a world-class naturopathic doctor in the Boston area whom I so trust and admire. Over the years, Dr. Beaty has worked with me in a genuinely holistic fashion, working not only with supplements and other approaches to natural healing, but also directly with my conventional medical doctors. She is thorough, knowledgeable, empathetic, flexible, and gets results! She is a true healer in the best sense. I recommend her most warmly and without hesitation. "
~Alice J.
Harvard University
Patient for more than 20 years


"I hope you won't take this the wrong way, but sometimes when I stop to think about what you are doing to "treat" me, I find it hard to put into words. I am eating more protein, taking Armour thyroid and cortisol. I also started taking Vitamin D3 at the same time I started seeing you, so that may have some impact, too. It must be more complicated than that because I know I am feeling much better. I have more energy, more interest in life and I very seldom feel down and/or depressed. I am grateful for your knowledge and healthcare.
Anyway, because it all seems so easy and natural, I tend to think of you as a little miracle worker -- which is why I am writing. I have a friend who is having some major problems and I am writing to ask if you think you could help her...." 
~Chris P.
(Somersworth, NH)
Patient since 2007

"You are awesome and you have been the best doctor I have ever been to.  You are very caring and you really do go out of your way for your patients.  I am blessed to have found you. " 
~Donna C.
(Fitchburg, MA) 
Patient since 2007

Dr. Beaty is also a wonderful counselor. When my father died last year, she helped me with my grieving process. She doesn’t just prescribe medicine and send you out the door like a typical M.D. She treats the “whole person” and she does this with great compassion and also a sense of humor. Dr. Beaty has a “great spirit”. After I see her I not only feel “healed” but I feel happy and hopeful the rest of the day.”
— ~ Nancy A. (Easton, MA) Patient since 2007

"I was enrolled in a herbal apprenticeship program in order to better look after my health.  I was diagnosed with breast cancer only a few months into the apprenticeship, and I was in a state of shock. I definitely didn't yet know enough to make alternative decisions, but I definitely knew enough to know I   didn't  want to blindly follow the allopathic model of treatment.  Someone passed along your name and what I remember most was my tentative initial conversation about whether you could possibly guide me along some kind of middle ground - more to the point, asking if there even   was  a middle ground.  You have my deepest thanks for doing exactly that!  I so appreciate the time you've taken along the way to help me sort through all my questions." 
~Linda C.
(Boylston, MA)
Patient since 2011

" While never dismissive of the more standard allopathic medical approach, Janet invariably has a different angle on symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. Her treatments “do no harm” or cause bad side effects like prescription drugs can.  And, her extensive training and experience in Naturopathic and herbal medicine and nutrition, have frequently given her insights into my health issues which have left my MDs scratching their heads. I am convinced that I am healthier and have a better quality of life than I would without Janet’s help. "
~ Mardi K.
(Hopkinton, MA)
Patient since 1998

"Dr. Beaty has shown me how to take control of my life in every aspect. She has given me knowledge, hope, peace of mind, confidence and so much more. Dr Beaty teaches, guides and listens to me. Her wisdom, experience and compassion go above and beyond. She has shown me how important the mind, body and spirit connection is; which is uncommon with traditional doctors"
~Ann B. 
(Ashburnham, MA)
Patient since 2007

"I would recommend Dr. Janet Beaty to anyone who is committed to the pursuit of wellness, to anyone frustrated by the myopia of many medical professionals, to anyone frustrated by the lack of time or attention they are able to get from traditional providers, and to anyone hoping to combine natural or complementary healing approaches with typical western interventions.
From my middle 20’s, I was troubled by various GI symptoms. Repeated tests were negative. My symptoms abated for a while. However in 2006, after an extended course of antibiotic use for a non-GI issue, I found myself swimming in a whirlpool of confusion amid varying recommendations and diagnoses by several different Gastroenterologists.   When I tried to suggest that antibiotics may have played a role, or mentioned the possibility of candida, or suggested the contribution of food intolerances, I evoked rage, or at best, a quiet dismissal.
For the first time, I decided to try a different approach and sought out a “naturopath”. Dr. Beaty came highly recommended by a local acquaintance. She quickly suspected the presence of candida, ordered blood-work, and when it was confirmed, prescribed an appropriate diet.  Gradually my symptoms improved.  Dr. Beaty also worked with me to reduce my reliance on prescription GI drugs. (I was eventually able to eliminate virtually all of these medicines). For the first time in many years, my GI system began to feel “normal”. 
Impressed by my progress, I continued to see Dr. Beaty for other minor ailments and to learn more about preventive measures. I welcome the educational component that she brings to the healing process, and the freedom she offers to let me describe my symptoms, my concerns, my fears and my hopes for wellness. As someone who is not adverse to western medicine, and believes in complementary as well as alternative approaches, I like the fact that Dr. Beaty works in a collaborative fashion with my PCP, exchanging test results, symptom reports, and treatment suggestions. It gives me an added dose of confidence to have Dr. Beaty complement her own perspective and use of natural herbs, homeopathy, etc. with blood chemistry profiles, hormone assessments, or an EKG.
On a personal level, Dr. Beaty is kind, patient, and wise. As an added bonus she has a nice sense of humor, and a beautiful botanical oasis surrounding her office! In short, Dr. Beaty is more than just a healer or a health provider, she is a true “hope provider”!"
~Tony S.
(Acton, MA)        
Patient since 2007  



"In 2008 I was diagnosed with Diabetes. I was 45 at the time, I am 5 ft 11.5 inches tall and weighed 190 lbs and in decent shape (not the typical Diabetic). My Hemoglobin A1C had been steadily going up for a few years and I had just jumped over the magical A1C measurement 6 making me Diabetic. My MD put me on Lipitor, saying I needed really low Cholesterol #’s, sent me to a local hospital clinic for dietary advice, and basically told me I was screwed: Insulin Dependence was in my future and there was little I could do to change that reality.
I went to the dietary clinic. The nice people there told me to cut out the fat and get more exercise. I did both, but over the next several months the A1C number got worse. I went back to the clinic and talked to the people there, it became clear that they could not help me.
I went back to my MD and told her I wanted to try a Detox and other more radical changes to my diet. She was not encouraging; she said “it will not work it never does”. At that moment I asked for my medical records and fired the woman in her office (I have to admit it felt good).
I contacted a relative who help me with my 1st Detox. During the three week cleansing my sugar was normal. After the three weeks I went back to my normal diet and my sugar went back up. This was the data I needed. I got on the Internet searched for an Alternative Medical Doctor and found Dr. Janet Beaty. I have no idea what keyword I used but I am sure glad I found her. I went to see Dr. Beaty shortly after that. She listened to me for what seemed like hours. She acknowledged that she did not have an answer for me at that moment but committed to work through the problem with me. We started collecting Glucose data 4 times a day and plotted my food intake and exercise. We replaced Lipitor with a daily natural supplement routine and added a morning high Protein Smoothie. My Sugar remained high in the morning even with these changes. In a meeting a few weeks later she said your problem is not fat, it is Glycemic load and gave me a book to read. We cut out all starch from my diet: no Bread or Potato. The results were evident in the data right away – she was right. At my last blood test in the late fall of 2010 my Glucose level was stable at 6 and my Cholesterol was 105. I have taken no medication to achieve these numbers, only natural supplements, a high Protein and no Starch diet, and exercise." 
~Jim C.    
(Hopkinton, MA)   

Patient since 2008