New Procedure for Orders from Emerson Ecologics

Most of my established patients are aware by now that Emerson has instituted a new pathway through which you may place supplement orders directly.  This path, or "Portal" as it is more correctly named, is now titled "Wellevate".  You will each need to establish your own personal, secure account from which you may access my dispensary in order toplace your supplement orders, arrange for shipping, and make payment direct to Emerson.

For the convenience of all patients, New and Established, we include here below a link where you can register your personal account.  When you are on the Wellevate registration page, you will need to supply a User Name and create a private password.  Just click on the diminutive Wellevate butterfly logo below:


Although some special supplements, such as bio-identical hormones, homeopathic allergy drops, and liquid herbal remedies that I personally compound for you, can only be obtained directly from my office, most of you will place orders for other supplements from your newly established Wellevate Account.

Should you encounter any difficulty, please contact the Wellevate Support staff at:

1-855-WELLEVATE (935-5382)