What do I mean by “Immune Issues”?

Immune Issues are any and all health concerns involving the Immune system.

It could refer to:

  • food allergies or sensitivities

  • airborne allergies (pollens, dust, etc.)

  • recurrent Upper Respiratory Infections (bronchitis, sinusitis, pneumonia)     

  • recurrent GI distress (Leaky Gut, SIBO and Candida)

  • recurrent skin rashes/infections (eczema, yeast vaginitis)

  • auto-immune diseases (Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, rheumatoid arthritis)

  • cancer


 How does a Naturopathic Doctor treat these Issues?

Conventional medical doctors generally treat all of the above with pharmaceutical medicines designed to treat the symptoms these conditions produce.  Airborne allergies might be treated with Sudafed, Claritin, etc., URIs with repeated antibiotics, rashes with steroid creams, RA with strong medications.

Naturopathic Doctors attempt to find the causative factors & remove them whenever possible.

For example:

  1. An allergy to dust might be treated with education about reducing environmental exposure, bioflavonoids to reduce the overactive histamine response and Homeopathic dilutions under the tongue to desensitize the immune system’s reaction to something that others’ find harmless.
  2. An auto-immune disease will often signal the need to test for food sensitivities and leaky gut (intestinal permeability) as well as nutraceutical support for the affected cells.
  3. Recurrent URIs suggest looking at allergies (airborne & food), exposure (workplace, young children at home), ability of Immunoglobulin A cells to defend mucus membranes from infection (decreased in low humidity)
  4. In the case of cancer, the Naturopathic approach is aimed at supporting the body through treatment & then strengthening the Immune system’s ability to fight off cancer cells in the future. That might involve dietary changes such as eliminating sugar & adding mushrooms, herbs like green tea & turmeric, nutraceuticals like vitamin D.


Is it possible to return to Health even with any of these Immune Issues? 

Yes, it is!  Since 1988, I have been helping my Patients do just that.

How do we do that? Generally, when a Patient comes to see me they have already had lab work & perhaps even imaging such as an MRI. What they usually have not had is more in-depth lab work (Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is a good example) and rarely have they had food sensitivity tests or tests for Leaky Gut. Nor has there been investigation of bacterial balance in the GI tract (microbiome).  These are state-of-the-art laboratory tests that I routinely request. 

Most importantly, I start at the beginning:  it is crucial to employ practiced skills and ample time to obtain an accurate in-depth Patient History.  My search to pinpoint the correct source(s) of immune system defects is aided by almost a lifetime spent in sharpening my intuition.  A combination of these investigations adds to the success of treatment.


Who should seek Dr. Beaty’s help?

Anyone who wants to find the cause of the problem and then get educated about how to get Healthier!