The in depth nature of Naturopathic medicine by definition & my practice in particular means that a large section of time is set aside for you when you make an appointment. Therefore you must give 24 weekday hours notice if you cannot make your scheduled appointment or you will be charged up to the full cost of the missed visit.  Emergencies may be excepted.  If you reschedule for within the next week the fee may be excepted.



I am likely to recommend supplements in your treatment protocols.  Some herbal formulas & Homeopathic remedies I make up for you individually in the office.  A few items such as Bio-Identical Hormones (BHRT) are only available in my office. Others I will order from respected sources and have drop-shipped directly to you.  And still others I'll have you pick up at your local whole foods store or make at home! They usually start at $12 and go up from there.

We will always be aiming to use the least intervention/assistance in the long run.  At the outset, more may be needed and it can be a bit costly - but worth it in the end when you feel much better & understand what your individual body needs for good maintenance.