Hormone Balancing

Fatigue, Weight Gain, Depression, Anxiety, and Sleep Disturbances may all be due to hormonal imbalances of the thyroid, adrenal glands, or ovaries.

We can balance your hormones so you can feel like YOU again.

Women's Health

Teens to seniors, PMS to hot flashes, fertility to bio-identical hormones, acne to osteoporosis - women need a doctor experienced in natural medicine to help guide their health care decisions.

Experience a doctor who listens, who validates you, who guides and educates you through the various phases of your life.  A wise doctor that really cares.

A doctor familiar with your needs.


Immune Issues

Few things in Medicine point up the differences between conventional Western doctors and Alternative practitioners as our divergent approach to Immune issues.  By treating illness only symptomatically, as is typical of Western medicine,the essential underlying cause of disease is missed. I share here my customary approaches to Immune issues in particular, but this also serves to exemplify how I deal with most health problems. Not only do I often suggest standard lab tests and always collect a detailed Patient history but, in addition, I may recommend cutting edge lab tests that investigate on a deeper and more functional level. It’s a process unique to Naturopathic medicine taught during my academic training and refined over thirty years of practice. That process and a well-developed intuition uncover the clues to the root cause(s) of a Patient’s concerns.

Follow along here as I describe the hallmarks of Immune Issues and demonstrate some paths back to Wellness.



I have more energy, more interest in life and I very seldom feel down and/or depressed. I am grateful for your knowledge and healthcare.
— Chris P
...her extensive training and experience in Naturopathic and herbal medicine and nutrition, have frequently given her insights into my health issues which have left my MDs scratching their heads.
— Mardi K